Can You Learn Digital Marketing Without a Degree?

Getting a job in the marketing industry without a degree can be intimidating, but it is possible. With the right attitude and dedication, you can learn the basics and keep up with your peers. You don't need a specific digital marketing title to get started. Start by applying for entry-level positions such as a marketer or marketing coordinator. Those with a degree in creative writing, journalism, or English literature could be excellent specialists in content marketing. No matter what, you should continue to educate yourself on the ever-changing digital marketing landscape. Marketers often have to work with writers, so being able to evaluate and discuss writing will make you a more effective salesperson and teammate. Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and other tools are useful for obtaining information about customers and the performance of digital marketing campaigns. In job interviews, you'll likely be asked which influencers you admire or follow online. Unless you're just starting out in higher education, you may not want to devote years of your life to earning a marketing degree from a traditional college. Create a personal website to promote your personal brand and host your portfolio. Consider taking a digital marketing bootcamp or free course to jump start your journey. The good thing about being a marketer is that your campaigns will speak for themselves if you're good. However, there is no linear entry route in this field and you don't need a degree in marketing to get a job in this industry.
Johnny Creasey
Johnny Creasey

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