What Skills Does a Marketing Student Need to Succeed?

Are you considering a career in marketing? If so, you'll need to have a certain set of skills to be successful. To help you get a better understanding of the skill set needed to be an effective marketer, we've combined analysis data from more than 232,000 marketing job postings with input from established marketers. This combination can provide you with a point of comparison and a roadmap for further development. Social media is an integral part of modern marketing efforts. Marketers need to understand the differences between platforms and what tactics can be effective for the medium.

Digital marketing encompasses a wide range of tactics and strategies enabled by the Internet and electronic devices. This ranges from paid search engine advertising to website optimization efforts and much more. Not all organizations have a dedicated project management team available to guide new strategies and initiatives to completion. Knowing how to chart what needs to be done in a project and how those steps connect is a valuable skill, especially when leading a collaborative effort. A bachelor's degree in marketing from Rasmussen University can help you develop the skills needed to be an effective marketer. During your time at university, you'll be able to put your creativity into practice by proposing ideas for marketing campaigns in your classes and then determining the best ways to put them to the test. Since marketing relies heavily on data and metrics, having an analytical mindset is a key component to succeeding in this important field.

From understanding the science behind a particular marketing strategy to being able to quantify the results and demonstrate the value of a particular campaign, putting your analytical skills to use will help you understand the true power of marketing and give you insight into how you can improve each campaign. Creativity is also essential for anyone thinking of pursuing a marketing specialization. Since marketing campaigns often require unique approaches, having the agility to create your writing style to meet those markets is important. Marketers should also be able to evaluate the effectiveness of their digital marketing efforts. Careers in marketing are also linked to design, whether you're creating an ad or hosting an event. Having a solid understanding of the principles of writing, layout and design, as well as the tools used to create these materials, continues to be beneficial to marketers whose role is more focused on informing and reviewing creative materials. It's also important that marketers have the ability to remain calm under pressure.

Feeling like you've apparently done everything right, just for the universe to give you an unexpected headwind or a sudden change in the market can be a frustrating experience, but the best marketers know how to maintain it and learn from the experience. When you come up with a new marketing campaign or initiative, you'll likely need to present your ideas to your clients or colleagues by making a presentation in a meeting. Being able to prepare stories and anecdotes that demonstrate how you have applied your marketing skills to benefit affiliated organizations is also important. Market research skills are key when it comes to finding critical information about consumer preferences, buying trends, or analyzing competition. Having this knowledge will help you understand what brand and product promotion entails. Finally, marketers should feel comfortable making plans for when, where and how to spend their budgets and how to adjust them when needed. This means that they should be able to do several things at once, such as managing social media accounts, creating new campaigns, and creating reports to track the performance of those campaigns.

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