8 Proven Strategies to Dominate Your Marketing

Marketing is a fundamental component of any company's long-term success, and it always changes and evolves. To stand out from the crowd and dominate your marketing, you need to understand your customer, listen to the world's most downloaded B2B sales podcast, and use an Inbound marketing strategy that follows the “attract, delight and engage” model. You can also learn from successful entrepreneurs like Mary Kay Ash, who discovered how to incorporate network marketing into the very fabric of a middle-class lifestyle. Another example is Prussian King Frederick the Great, who planted a potato field despite the resistance of his subjects, and informed his kingdom of the nutritional and economic value of potatoes.

Cecil Rhodes also used a clever marketing strategy when he bought and merged all South African mining fields and the companies working on them to create a false shortage of diamonds and drive prices up. Moreover, Conrad Gessner was captivated by tulips when he saw one for the first time in 1559, and he drew the flower and cut its image into a woodcut to print it and published the first European illustration of the tulip. Today, digital marketing approaches are essential to make your business visible to your current customers online and connect you to new ones. Here are 10 best digital marketing tricks you can use today to grow your business: create video tutorials; use step-by-step tutorials; spread the word about your business; use Google CEO's 3 simple questions to increase productivity; see our full list of more than 200 business categories; think about the most effective small business marketing ideas; cleanse your data regularly; engage your audience with videos; build your influence; use powerful marketing strategies.

In addition, you can also take advantage of marketing automation to save time and money, keep you a priority in your network, and maximize referral leads and customer retention. Finally, Steve Jobs' gift was marketing: he understood and took advantage of the idea that delicious products and intelligent marketing campaigns are the keys to success. These strategies will help you achieve the highest ROI for your business. So don't worry: with these 8 proven strategies you can stand out from the crowd and dominate your marketing.

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