How to Train Your Internal Marketing Team

Determining your current level is the first step to training your internal marketing team. Start by researching and investing in some of the best books on marketing, and then ask your team to suggest books that they found valuable or that they have heard of and want to read. An audit is a great way to take stock of your strengths, weaknesses, what your marketing team's skills are, and where there are knowledge gaps. There are several templates available to guide you through your first audit, and it's important to be proactive rather than reactive when it comes to scheduling audits. Promoting your training course is essential for its success.

Allocate space in your budget for ongoing training and development opportunities, and use various methods to promote the course to current and future employees. This can help increase employee retention and engagement with the new training offerings. To truly level up, you need to start investing in training initiatives. You'll have a clearer idea of the direction your marketing team should take in training once you've done an audit. There are viable steps you can take to promote your training and change employee acceptance from lousy to optimal.

Developing more than one marketing message by comparing learning needs to the benefits of your training can be helpful. If you want to increase your team's knowledge of digital marketing as a whole, consider taking a look at the training programs offered by ConversionXL. When you have a wide range of roles and learning styles in a marketing team, you need to be flexible and adaptable with your training methods. Promote the program to individual employees, whether it's IT, sales, marketing, or an organization-wide initiative. See how your team matches the marketing channels you're currently using to identify areas that could perform even better if you adjust staff roles, provide training in certain areas, or bring in new team members.

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