15 Things You Can Learn from Marketing

Marketers are always on the lookout for ways to maximize opportunities, leverage relationships, and connect with people. Marketing studies provide skills that can be applied to everyday activities and more versatile career paths. According to the PLNU Fermanian Business School, there is a need to make a difference in the market. And who better to come up with new ideas and solutions than a marketer? If you're looking to take your marketing education to the next level, consider enrolling in PLNU's Bachelor of Marketing or Master of Business Administration (MBA) program.

Contrary to popular belief, products don't sell themselves. Generally speaking, the “build it and they will come” philosophy doesn't work. Good marketing educates customers so they can find the products they want, make better decisions about those products, and extract the most value from them. In this way, marketing helps facilitate exchanges between buyers and sellers for the mutual benefit of both parties.

Similarly, good social marketing provides people with information and helps them make healthier choices for themselves and others. Nothing says communicator more than a good marketer with the time and patience to listen and learn from your potential customers. You should try to learn about as many aspects of marketing as you can while you're in school, including business, advertising, and public relations. As an active partner in my thriving and creative marketing agency, I benefit daily from the knowledge I've accumulated over the years.

To celebrate BBR's 15th birthday, here are 15 things I've learned about marketing: 1.Data collection and analysis are essential for success.2.The four Ps of marketing (product, promotion, price, place) are key components of any successful strategy.3.Developing effective marketing and communication strategies is essential.4.Knowing your target audience is critical.5.Understanding customer needs is essential for creating successful campaigns.6.It's important to stay up-to-date on industry trends.7.Creative thinking is essential for coming up with innovative solutions.8.Knowing how to use digital tools is essential for success.9.It's important to understand how different channels work together.10. Knowing how to measure success is key.11. It's important to be able to tell stories that resonate with your audience.12. Knowing how to use data to inform decisions is essential.13. It's important to be able to think outside the box.14. Knowing how to use analytics tools is essential for success.15. It's important to be able to adapt quickly.

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