Marketing Your School Event: A Comprehensive Guide

Events created in CampusGroups are automatically added to your school's events calendar for everyone to view. Hashtags are a great way to interact with attendees and promote your school. According to HubSpot, tweets with hashtags can have 12 times more engagement. A workflow is a sequence of steps that must be followed to complete a particular marketing process.

To get the most out of your open house, create a 30-60 second teaser video that shows the action and excitement of what an open house looks like and share it on social media, on your website, on your landing pages and in your email marketing. A good CRM and marketing automation system can be a great asset for your higher education digital marketing strategy, especially when it comes to events. Creating event objectives and a solid marketing plan is essential for the success of your event and future school events. Email marketing is one of the best ways to reach potential families, including millennials and baby boomers.

You can also notify Marketing and Communications of your event for possible promotion on the university's official social media. Heather, with her background in journalism and marketing, is well-versed in content and inbound marketing. To promote your event to the regional community, the Marketing and Communications Office may write and distribute a community announcement. All external electronic submissions must be approved by Marketing and Communications to ensure they comply with Federal Accessibility Guidelines and GSU brand standards.

For any promotional material, submit a project request through workzone, the project management system used by the Marketing and Communications Office. Mia, Finalsite's Director of Content Marketing, shares content that helps schools create engaging online experiences that increase brand awareness, student and teacher retention, and school-to-home communications. The Marketing and Communications Office will provide an approved template for creating an electronic submission as well as guidelines for creating accessible electronic submissions. Depending on the type of event you're planning, you can find paid advertising solutions that fit your higher education digital marketing strategy.

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