What Life Lessons Has Marketing Taught You?

Marketing is a field that offers a wealth of knowledge and experience, and it can teach you a lot of valuable life lessons. You can expect to learn about data collection and analysis, the four Ps of marketing (product, promotion, price, place), how to develop effective marketing and communication strategies, and much more. Good marketing educates customers so they can find the products they want, make better decisions about those products, and extract the most value from them. Similarly, good social marketing provides people with information and helps them make healthier choices for themselves and others. When all the marketers trying to deliver higher value offers to consumers are added together and communicating that value effectively, consumers can make more informed decisions about a wider range of options.

The best part of the life lessons that marketing has taught me is that they are useful in many different personal aspects of life. Being responsible for both earning money for your company and providing satisfaction to your customers makes marketing a great career. Delegating tasks is one of the most important life lessons that marketing has taught me. It's also important to be articulate, which is something that can help you in many aspects of your life. More recently, CEOs and educators like Mark Hurd, CEO of Oracle, and Jeffrey Immelt of GE and Flint McGlaughlin of MECLABS are demonstrating how marketing careers can lead to the highest pinnacles of the organization.

When it comes to marketing, it's important to remember that it's not just about selling products. It's also about providing value to customers. When marketers target their messages carefully so that an audience that can afford those products is the only group they reach, such extreme consequences can be avoided. When marketing results in more informed consumers receiving a greater amount of value, then the cost is justified. Therefore, when we say that marketing offers value, it offers value to both the customer and the company.

Email continues to be a model of efficiency. The products, contrary to popular belief, do not sell themselves. In general, the “build it and they will come” philosophy doesn't work. You should try to learn about as many aspects of marketing as you can while you're in school, including business, advertising, and public relations. Fashion marketing creates demand for expensive jeans when much cheaper jeans can serve the same basic function. However, marketing executives are always looking for less expensive ways to perform the same and don't intentionally waste money on marketing.

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